About Us

We are based in Oakland, Oregon, just 2 1/2 hours from Portland. We are perfectly located with Short Travel times to the Oregon Coast, The Famous Umpqua River System, Crater Lake, Fishing, Casinos, Waterfalls and so much more! We also have a great selection of Top Notch Dispensaries and Award winning Grow sites.


Oregon now also allows the legal sale and consumption of Marijuana Edibles, Vape Pens, Extracts and Concentrates to any adult 21 and over.  With so many products, brands and Dispensaries we take the out the guess work and offer information on effects and how different products are made.


We believe that people should have free choice to use Marijuana for Recreation and Medicinal use. The general Public agrees and Oregon’s Voters passed Measure 91 that made Recreational Marijuana legal in July 1st, 2015!


You probably have questions and we are here to be your guides to the new options of Marijuana based tourism!


To get started today! Call and talk to one of our Tour Planners Now!